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Message from the CEO:

'During the second quarter of 2021 we continued to drive our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan forward. This allowed us to create a robust project portfolio with over 43 opportunities in different phases of development, representing an estimated total capacity of 2.17 GWp. We are in the process of expanding our presence in Europe with the acquisition of 40% of Ibox Energy, a photovoltaic solar energy generation company in Spain, with an estimated pipeline of 4.0 GWp. Additionally, we strengthened our portfolio in Latin America, signing a financing agreement with Sumitomo Mitsui to develop “Sonnedix Meseta de los Andes”, in Chile. This project is already under construction and has an expected capacity of 160 MWp.'
'Cox Energy América, is the first company of its kind to be listed in Latin-American markets, which gives us the opportunity to create a unique precedent as an industry model in the region. We are a 100% green company, seeking to operate under the highest Environmental, Social and Governance standards, aiming to leave a lasting legacy due to our sustainable commitment. Lastly, it fills me with pride to be part of a team with such talent, industry knowledge, commitment, and discipline, working continuously to achieve the Company’s goals, and always seeking the highest returns for our shareholders.'

José Antonio Hurtado de Mendoza, CEO (July 2021)

Cox Energy América

José Antonio Hurtado (CEO) "Foro Empresas Verdes"


Cox Energy América is a solar energy company engaged in developing, promoting, and operating company-owned photovoltaic plants in countries with high energy potential and appeal, thus generating and marketing 100% renewable energy.

The company is part of a corporate group led by Cox Energy Solar, which was established in 2014 in Madrid, Spain.

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The Company's business model encompasses the internal development of projects and third-party acquisitions of plants in early stages or "ready to build" for the generation and commercialization of 100% renewable energy. The goal is to achieve stable and predictable revenue streams through the PPA schemes, drawing on the expertise of the corporate group and first-class management team in the energy market.

The Company currently operates in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Panama, and other Central American and Caribbean countries.

Active across the entire value chain

value chain value chain

Cox Energy is one of the most important players
in the renewable energy sector

Environmental protection is at the core of our business culture


Sustainable model

We focus our efforts on the generation of clean and renewable energy through innovative and environmentally friendly processes, achieving lasting improvements in the quality of life of the communities where we operate.


Environmental and social approach

The main input of the operation is solar energy, a renewable energy source par excellence, meaning that the environmental risk of the projects is minimal from the outset; however, from the project selection phase, the Company weighs up ESG metrics.

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